Adding alt text to images

Islandora image media require a value in their "Alternative text" field. This text is used as the alt text in the HTML markup rendering the image.

You can assign alt text values by adding the image_alt_text field to you CSV file, like this:

IMG_2958.JPG,04,Amsterdam waterfront,25,Amsterdam waterfront on an overcast day.
IMG_5083.JPG,05,Alcatraz Island,25,"Taken from Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco."

The value will only be applied to image media. If you do not include this field in your CSV file, or the field is present but empty, Workbench will use the node's title as the alt text.

A couple notes:

  • Assigning alt text to images is only available in create tasks (but see this issue).
  • Workbench strips out all HTML markup within the alt text to prevent potential cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.