CSV field templates


This section describes using CSV field templates in your configuration file. For information on CSV value templates, see "CSV value templates". For information on CSV file templates, see the "CSV file templates" section.

In create and update tasks, you can configure field templates that are applied to each node as if the fields were present in your CSV file. The templates are configured in the csv_field_templates option. An example looks like this:

 - field_rights: "The author of this work dedicates any and all copyright interest to the public domain."
 - field_member_of: 205
 - field_model: 25
 - field_tags: 231|257

Values in CSV field templates are structured the same as field values in your CSV (e.g., in the example above, field_tags is multivalued), and are validated against Drupal's configuration in the same way that values present in your CSV are validated.

If a column with the field name used in a template is present in the CSV file, Workbench ignores the template and uses the data in the CSV file. If a column listed in the ignore_csv_columns setting, the value from the template is used.