Choosing a task

The task configuration setting defines the specific work you want Workbench to perform. This table may help you choose when to use a specific task:

If you want to Then use this task Start with this documentation
Create nodes from CSV and, optionally, attached media create Preparing your data, Field data (Drupal and CSV)
Create basic nodes without using CSV, and attach media create_from_files Creating nodes from files
Update node field data update Updating nodes
Delete nodes and, optionally, their attached media delete Deleting nodes
Add media to existing nodes using a list of node IDs add_media Adding media to nodes
Update media field data update_media Updating media
Replace files, including media track files, attached to media update_media Updating media
Delete media using a list of media IDs delete_media Deleting media
Delete media using a list of node IDs delete_media_by_node Deleting media
Export node field data using a list of node IDs export_csv Generating CSV files
Export node field data using a Drupal View get_data_from_view Generating CSV files
Export a media report using a Drupal View get_media_report_from_view Generating CSV files
Populate a vocabulary from CSV create_terms Creating taxonomy terms
Update terms in a vocabulary from CSV update_terms Updating taxonomy terms