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Deleting media

Deleting media using media IDs


Drupal does not allow a user to delete or modify media files unless the user originally created (or is the owner) of the file. This means that if you created a media using "user1" in your Workbench configuration file, only "user1" can delete or modify those files. For delete_media tasks, the value of username will need to be the same as the username used to create the media. If the username defined in a delete_media task is not the same as the Drupal user who owns the files, Drupal will return a 403 response, which you will see in your Workbench logs.

You can delete media and their associate files by providing a CSV file with a media_id column that contains the Drupal IDs of media you want to delete. For example, your CSV file could look like this:


The config file looks like this (note the task option is 'delete_media'):

task: delete_media
host: "http://localhost:8000"
username: admin
password: islandora
input_csv: delete_media.csv

Deleting media using node IDs

If you want to delete media from specific nodes without having to know the media IDs as described above, you can use the delete_media_by_node task. This task takes a list of node IDs as input, like this:


The configuration file for this task looks like this:

task: delete_media_by_node
host: "http://localhost:8000"
username: admin
password: islandora
input_dir: input_data
input_csv: delete_node_media.csv

This configuration will delete all media attached to nodes 345, 367, and 246.

By default, all media attached to the specified nodes are deleted. A "delete_media_by_node" configuration file can include a delete_media_by_node_media_use_tids option that lets you specify a list of Islandora Media Use term IDs that a media must have to be deleted:

delete_media_by_node_media_use_tids: [17, 1]

Before using this option, consult your Islandora's Islandora Media Use vocabulary page at /admin/structure/taxonomy/manage/islandora_media_use/overview to get the term IDs you need to use.